Payment processing software solutions for all businesses.

With Alphabet Processing, you can seamlessly implement credit card processing.

In just a few short days, you can process credit card payments with options like:

Whether you need a solution for your restaurant, convenience store, service industry, wholesale outlet, or manufacturing facilities, we have the software to help you run your business.

A supportive payment processing company.

We have 24/7 customer support to help you gain maximum profitability.

Efficiently utilize your new resources:

Manage your business the smart way.

Track sales like a pro.

Use our tracking software to gain a keen understanding of your revenue stream with clear, easy-to-read sales reports.

Stay informed from anywhere.

With our dashboard or mobile app, you can track your business anywhere at any time.

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Analyze reports in minutes.

Discover your busiest times and best-selling items, or break down monthly sales trends into details that will help you make an informed action plan.

No more lengthy holds.

The average credit card processing time is 3-5 days or more. That means you are left waiting for days, sometimes a week.

Rest assured, your money is released in a reasonable amount of time.

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Steps to running your business the smart way.

Give us a call.

We will schedule a time to review your current credit card processing fees and talk about the existing POS hardware you currently use.

Be Smart.

After assessing your payment processing needs, we’ll look at the lineup of our processing services and POS products that will best meet your needs.

Run your business. We’ll help you implement the hardware and processing systems to help increase business.

Are you tired of excessive credit card processing fees and fragmented POS hardware?

Reallocate money to help your business grow.

Contact us today to see how we can help you boldly take control of your credit card fees.

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